Virtual Data Centre

Simplify your cloud with our Virtual Data Centre. We let you easily build and manage groups of virtual servers whilst taking away the complexity of networking and security. So you can deliver a secure private, public or hybrid cloud environment for your users.


When you have more control over your cloud, you should only pay for what you actually need. And your cloud should actually be easy to use. That’s why the Zettagrid cloud solution is so powerful – it’s tailored to your needs. Our efficient management environment built on VMware’s vCloud enables you to tailor a solution that is secure and scalable to almost any size.



Why Zettagrid is in a league of its own



What is the difference between a VPS and VDC?




Moving Toward a Virtual Data Centre

In less than a year, Australian businesses have moved to the cloud in record numbers.

Our free ebook Moving toward a Virtual Data Centre will provide you with the insights you need to make an informed decision.


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OS & Applications

Available Operating Systems and Platforms in our Virtual Data Centres

We eat and sleep virtual data centres. It's more fun than it sounds.