Build Innovative Solutions

The program is designed to help and reward partners to build innovative customer solutions using technology based on Zettagrid award winning infrastructure.

Retain your customers

Our channel program is designed so that you retain management of your customer and we provide the infrastructure behind the scenes.

Your cloud service

The Program is a wholesale service and allows partners to set their own brand and margin on our products, but removes the headaches of building and managing the infrastructure.

Lots of Pathways

The Program provides MPS, ISV and large customers with a range of pathways and options of how to work with and benefit from utilising Zettagrid’s solutions. The Program has four tiers, each is designed to suit different partner capability in sales, technical, marketing and designed use.

Program Tiers

Benefits/Tier Registered Certified Premier Platform
Cloud Services Pricing 10% Commission 10% Discount 20% Discount Negotiable
Network Services Pricing Custom Custom Custom Custom
RRP Revenue Expecations None $1-5k/mth $5-30k/mth $25k+/mth
Contract Length None None None 24-48mths
Term and Volume Discounts Stacked Stacked Stacked Included
Who bills the customer? Zettagrid Partner Partner Partner
“Not For Resale” Internal Credit $100/mth $200/mth $500/mth $1000/mth
Account Engagement Web Portal Inside Sales Account Mgr Account Mgr
Partner Portal Access
Zettagrid Logo Usage
Self Service Training Portal
Product and Sales Materials
Deploy Customer O365 ProPlus
Partner Badging
Can white label
Exclusive Promos / Activities
Marketing Development Funds
Deal Registration (3%) (5% & Exclusive)
Product pre-release testing access
Product Advisory Participation
Lead referral
Dedicated Help Desk Queue