Backup to business continuity

Veeam Cloud Connect Replication enables your business to replicate your virtualised IT environment into Zettagrid’s cloud and when a disaster occurs, you can have your IT up and running until your primary site recovers.

Recover in hours

Veeam Cloud Connect Replication is easy to deploy and you’ll be protected quickly. With data recovery in a little as few hours you resume your business operations in Zettagrid’s cloud quickly. For data recovery in seconds see SecondSite using Zerto.

Simple Pricing

Failover testing is included and comes at no extra cost to you. During an actual failover you will only be charged for the actual resourced used (CPU, RAM, Traffic).

Monthly pay as you go services can be purchased online.
For 12+ month contracts please contact our sales team.
Monthly (Includes Tax)

Easy Management

Our portal is simple and will have you up and running in minutes. For more advanced features we give you access to Veeam Cloud Connect Portal.