Simple Object Storage

Zettagrid Vault Object storage provides a seamless, s3 compatible storage target for your long term archive needs. It is a universal, one size fits all cloud object storage service that eliminates complex pricing models.

Key Benefits

  • Great Value – Vault Object Storage costs less than traditional cold storage services and is significantly faster than traditional frequent-access storage services.
  • Simple Pricing – Vault Object Storage eliminates confusing storage tiers and pricing models with no Ingress, Egress or API charges.
  • Flex with No Contracts – For small storage requirements your can purchase on a PAYG model.
  • Local Storage & Support – Eight availability zones across Australia, Singapore, Indonesia and Australia to ensure your data stays close and with and 24×7 on-call support.
  • S3 compatible/compliant API for seamless application integration
  • Compatible with Direct to Object Storage Backup (Veeam)
  • Purpose-built platform and API for managing and monitoring
  • GUI Management Console for easy bucket management
  • Security features including object lock (immutability), MFA and IAM (RBAC)
(1TB = 1000 GB)
In Months