DELL APEX Dedicated Cloud

Customised APEX Solutions

DELL APEX Custom Solutions by Zettagrid delivers a custom dedicated private cloud that provides security, performance, predictable pricing with the benefits of a cloud service model.

DELL APEX Dedicated Cloud

Simplicity, Control and Agility

  • Customised – tailor your DELL APEX hardware to your exact needs
  • Simplicity – no complex cloud charges, built and ready to go, just for you
  • Agility – scale as your need, with additional capacity available onsite
  • Control – dedicated infrastructure only for you, controlled by you
  • No Contention – access hardware acceleration, compression and dedupe
  • Predictable Billing – a single bill every month where your costs are known
  • Integrated – with AWS, Azure, Microsoft365, Google, Oracle and many more

DELL APEX Turnkey Delivery

  • Dedicated hosted infrastructure just for you
  • Available in 13 data centres in the Asia Pacific region or on premise
  • Burstable storage and compute capacity in your tenancy
  • Integrated Unlimited Internet and DDOS protection
  • Data protection options (Backup, Replication)
  • Scalable Licensing options from VMware and Microsoft
  • Full hardware maintenance by DELL
  • One single predictable bill per month

Your Pathway to Cloud

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