Our Business is Partnerships

The Zettagrid Partner Program is the core of our business. The Program helps Managed Service Providers, System Integrators and Telecommunications providers grow their services business. We assist our partners in building innovative customer solutions by providing white-label Zettagrid cloud, backup, disaster recovery, software, network and voice products. These products are complemented with great sales and technical support.

Zettagrid products are white labeled and managed by Partners.

Zettagrid is designed for IT channel partners

End-to-End Catalogue

Unlike other distributors, we offer an integrated service offering of cloud, telecommunications, licensing and hardware.

No Compete…Ever

We are a distributor and technology aggregator. Our core philosophy is to grow your MSP business.

Predictable Billing

We’ve heard the cloud billing horror stories. You are in control of your spend and you will never receive bill shock from us.

We Help You Sell Cloud

Our services are designed to help you grow and manage your monthly revenue and profits to form the basis of your next generation IT business.

Save Your Capital

Why waste your precious capital on infrastructure. Use this money to invest in your sales and operations teams.

Lite Partner Program

No more high commitments or business plans. We offer all the tools and support to help you grow.

We scale with you

Customers and business conditions can be unpredictable. Many services have 1 month contract to help you adapt quickly.

Your Expert Team

It takes time and resources to grow expert cloud, networks and licensing staff in your business, supercharge your team by using ours.

No Complex Admin

We want you to focus on your relationship with the end customer and how you can solve their problems and always keep our systems simple.

New Zealand

We want you

We are actively seeking new partners everywhere. If you are a SI, MSP, ISV or VAR and want a close and profitable cloud business we want you as a partner.

Lots of Pathways

The Program provides SI’s, MSP’s, ISV’s and large customers with a range of pathways and options of how to work with and benefit from utilising Zettagrid’s solutions. The Program has four tiers, each is designed to suit different partner capability in sales, technical, marketing and designed use.

Retain your customers

Our channel program is designed so that you retain management of your customer and we provide the infrastructure behind the scenes.

Your cloud service

The Program is a wholesale service and allows partners to set their own brand and margin on our products, but removes the headaches of building and managing the infrastructure.

Program Benefits and Tiers

Benefits/Tier Certified Premier Platform Technology
Summary Get started in building your own services and running small customer workloads. Demonstrated experience in building and selling your own services. Run your own zone or commit to moderate spend for at least 24 months. For Cloud Providers running their own infrastructure. We provide vendor support, license optimisation, compliance, aggregation and reporting.
Pricing Benefit $ Discount $$ Discount $$$ Discount Varies Per Product. i.e. VMware, Zerto etc and Support Level
Deal Registration Discount
Commit Term Discounts Included
Discounted Network Pricing
Minimum Contract Length 1 Month 1 Month 12mths 1 Month
Who bills the customer? Partner Partner Partner Partner
“Not For Resale” Internal Credit
Account Engagement Web Portal Account Mgr Account Mgr Account Mgr
Partner Portal Access
Zettagrid Logo Usage
Product and Sales Materials
Deploy Customer O365 ProPlus
Partner Badging
Can white label