• If you have acquired licenses for Office ProPlus, Project Pro, Visio Pro or Windows 10 Enterprise VDI / VDA as part of an Office365 agreement such as E1, E3, E4/5, or other qualifying Volume Licensing agreement then the desktop versions of these licenses can be installed to Zettagrid VMs for use at no additional cost.

    You may do this in place of purchasing Office, Visio or Project licensing from Zettagrid under the Microsoft SPLA program. You are required to have a valid Remote Desktop Services (RDS) license for each unique user accessing logging into the Zettagrid VMs.

    For more details please see the Office365 FAQ.

    Please fill out the form below and accept the agreement terms and conditions in order to register use of your customers Office365 products on Zettagrid.

  • This is the email address to use should we need to contact you and for us to send the Office 365 deployment package to.
  • This is the account to record Office 365 registration against. It is the account number containing the VDC subscription.
  • Ask your Office 365 administrator for this information.
  • Ask your Office 365 administrator for this information.
  • You are specifying the net number of users for each of the products indicated below. For example if you have 10 existing users and wish to add 5 you must enter 15 in the relevant product box.

    If you wish to remove all users from a product enter a value of zero.

  • Do you wish to deploy 32-bit or 64-bit Office 365?
  • I agree to deploy the licensed Office365 products indicated on this form via the Microsoft Office Deployment tool in Shared Computer Activation (SCA) mode in accordance with Microsoft procedure for deploying to authorised SCA partners.

    Upon receipt of this form Zettagrid will generate and provide to me a custom Office Deployment Tool configuration file which I will use in combination with the relevant Office Deployment tool to install the SCA Software.

    I further agree that when Zettagrid issues notice to me that automated reporting is available I will facilitate the update of the registry of each virtual machine that an End User uses to deploy the SCA Software to ensure that Microsoft is able to collect the Organisation ID, Tenant ID and total number of End Users deploying and accessing the SCA Software.