Extend your corporate environment

Step into the cloud by leveraging the same VMware environment on-premise and in the cloud.

Faster Project Ramp-up

A Zettagrid Hybrid Cloud enables your project procurement teams to build and later decommission an environment in a matter of hours and days rather than the traditional weeks and months.

IT Consistency

A Zettagrid Hybrid Cloud allows you to overlay the same security policies and infrastructure builds as exist in your corporate environment. Ensuring your IT complexity and support overheads remain fixed.

CAPEX Reduction

Large capital outlays occur when IT infrastructure fleets come to the end of their warranty period. Zettagrid can significantly reduce this capital expenditure and transform this into a operating cost.

Virtual Server

Virtual Data Centre

Veeam Backup

SecondSite DRaaS

We have customers from many sectors enjoying the security and responsivity of hybrid clouds. Let’s talk about one for you.