SecondSite Pricing Scenarios

SecondSite makes it easy, with simple pricing and simple plans.

It's $99 per VM, per month, and no lock-in contracts. Each test is $1,000 for the resources used.
Failing over into Zettagrid's cloud will result in charges for the resources you use as if you were any other customer already running production workloads in our cloud. We have a handy price calculator to help you with working out what that might be.
SecondSite is designed for protecting real world VMs and has a fair use policy governing its usage. On average, your protected VMs need to be under 1TB per VM across all VMs. If the total storage of all protected VMs in terabytes is greater than the number of protected VMs then we would charge for an additional VM. All pricing scenarios below are GST inclusive and represent RRP.

Scenario 1

If a customer has three VMs, the monthly total will be $297 for the full solution ($99 per VM, per month).

Scenario 2

If a customer has 37 VMs, the monthly total will be $3,663 for the full solution.

Scenario 3

A customer has 12 VMs and wishes to test twice per year. The monthly total will be $1,188 and an additional $1,000 will be included on a monthly invoice, twice per year.

Scenario 4

A customer has five VMs but has a
SAN failure and needs to run in Zettagrid's cloud while the production SAN is replaced. Adding up the five 
VMs means a total of 20GHz, 12Gb
RAM and 3TB storage. This customer
can expect $495 per month with an additional one-off cost of $1,093.50 
for the month running of resources consumed in Zettagrid's cloud.

Scenario 5

A customer has five VMs and, based on the WAN sizing tool, they also require a dedicated link. This customer can expect $495 per month for SecondSite™ and, based on this customer's link requirements, an additional $442 per month. As a result, this customer's total monthly cost will be $937.

Scenario 6

A customer has five VMs and the total amount of storage used is 5.8TB. Due to the large use of data, an additional license is required, which means this customer can expect a monthly cost of $594.

Our handy pricing calculator

These are only a few scenarios provided as examples. Your circumstances are unique and it's important to understand what pricing you can expect for your business if you ever needed to failover into Zettagrid's cloud. Our handy calculator can help you determine what SecondSite™ will mean for you.

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Please note that these pricing scenarios relate to SecondSite™ and associated products only.

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