Zettagrid recognises that your personal information and privacy is very important to you.

We appreciate the trust you place in us by providing any such information. This is something we value very highly and are committed to ensuring it is both respected and protected.

This Privacy Statement is an overview of how we manage your personal information and how it may be used.

Personal Information
Any personal information that is collected from you by Zettagrid, is gathered to meet very specific business needs. We only collect information about you that we need to process your application, deliver your services, to manage your account and to satisfy any legal requirements.

Some personal information, for example your name, company name, email address and telephone number, is used should we need to make contact with you.

We may use this information when we:

  • have important information about changes to our terms and conditions;
  • are offering new products or services; or
  • have planned maintenance or changes to the environment, which may affect you.

Credit Reporting
Zettagrid may disclose your credit information to Credit Reporting Bodies. This is for the purpose of assessing the credit worthiness of a customer applying for a credit.

The information collected and shared is used and managed in a manner compliant with the Privacy Act 1988. This is further explained in our General Terms and Conditions.

Call Recording
We are committed to providing our customers with the best possible experience in all their dealing with us.

In support of this commitment, we record all telephone conversations with our Operations Centre.

The recording of these inbound and outbound telephone calls are then used by us:

  • for staff training. Helping us to improve our services and to ensure that information provided is consistent and accurate;
  • to identify ways that we can continually improve and simplify the services we provide to you; and
  • as an accurate record and supporting evidence in the event of disputes, disagreements or complaints.

These recordings are only ever used for the above purposes.

We understand that your personal information is important and we are committed to protecting your privacy. The call recordings are stored in a secured repository, for no more than 18 Months, after which time they are permanently destroyed.

Authorised Contacts
When contacting Zettagrid for information relating to your account, services or technical support requirements, we will verify if you are a nominated authorised contact for the account.

Zettagrid will only discuss information about your services with someone who has been nominated as an authorised contact.

If an individual, who is acting on your behalf is not a nominated authorised contact, they will be asked for written (email) confirmation from the account owner to verify the individual’s authority. Account owners can also add additional authorised persons via the My Account portal.

This authorised contacts process is essential in ensuring your privacy and the protection of your personal information.

To review or update the authorised contacts for your account please email a request to support@zettagrid.com.

Payment Card Information
The Payment Card Industry (PCI) defines the standards for the way that providers manage and protect your payment card (typically credit card) information.

Zettagrid meets these standards and protects your personal payment details in a number of ways:

  • You can update your own payment method and payment card details using the Zettagrid My Account portal. This is the most secure and the preferred method for you to update this information.
  • If you call the Operations Centre to update your information,  or make a payment,  the call recording will be paused when you disclose your payment card information.

The information that you provide in My Account or when you buy services from our website is stored in a form that records no more than the first 6 and last 4 digits of your card number. Your card number is stored in full with our bank, who issue Zettagrid with a “token” which is used to process all payments.

Data Retention
All Australia Internet Service Providers (ISP) are now required by law to retain certain data relating to customer communications, as well as the connection or service used to transmit the communication.

The law is very clear in that the retained data must not include the content of the communication, just a record that the communication took place, including when and who the communicating parties were.

The intention of the law is to provide an approved list of Australian law enforcement agencies with access to the retained data to investigate serious crime.

The law is an amendment to the Telecommunications (Interception and Access) Act 1979  and came into effect on the 13th October 2015.

Zettagrid takes this obligation very seriously and acknowledges the importance of the accuracy and correctness of the information to be retained. The amendment, Telecommunications (Interception and Access) Amendment (Data Retention) Act 2015, details the mechanisms used to collect and store this information as well as all security measures required to ensure that your privacy and personal information is protected and secure.

What Type of Data is Being Retained?

  • IP Address allocation and the service connection (line) associated with it.
  • The physical location of the service connection (line).
  • The date and time that the communication was initiated and received.
  • The receiving and sending entities associated with the communication.
  • The account information relating to the owner of the service connection (line) as well as email addresses and telephone numbers.
  • Authentication date and times, for example login and logoff information.

If you require more information please email your enquiry to support@zettagrid.com

About this Statement
Zettagrid may be required to update this statement from time to time.

If we do, the updated version will be posted on this Privacy Statement page.

If you have any questions in relation to this statement or the way we manage your personal information, please send you enquiry to support@zettagrid.com or contact us on 1300 597 656.