Get your application running in minutes

Enjoy a VMware VPS with the control, visibility and security expected from a VMware powered environment.

Ultimate VM Control

Our portal is simple and will have your dedicated VM up and running in minutes. Get access to a full console, VM performance metrics and internet traffic at your fingertips.

Easy Pricing

You can choose online whether you want a Linux or Microsoft Windows virtual server; specify levels of CPU, RAM, storage, internet data, storage speed and location.


No contracts or bill shock

Pay as you go each month with no contracts so you can adjust your virtual server any time you like depending on what your business needs. You won’t get a nasty bill shock at the end of the month with us.

Unrivalled Compatibility

Because Zettagrid uses VMware, you are able to get official support for many more operating systems and applications than many other cloud platforms. Meaning less trouble tickets raised with your application vendors.

A great stepping stone

We provide an environment that lets you focus on your own applications rather than the infrastructure. As you decide you need more functionality you can grow into a VMware Virtual Data Centre.