vCloud Connector

VMware vCloud Connector enables you to connect your local (on-premises) VMware environment to Zettagrid. You can use vCloud Connector to view, copy and operate VMs, vApps and templates from your own VMware environment to and from Zettagrid.

Features in Detail

vCloud Connector is an enterprise product that provides a single user interface for overseeing multiple public and private clouds and for transferring cloud content from one cloud to another. It allows you to connect multiple clouds, both internal and external, in a single user interface.

Using vCloud Connector, you can manage virtual machines, deploy templates, and transfer virtual machines, vApps, and templates from one cloud to another.

vCloud Connector also provides the following key features.

  • Content Sync lets you set up a Content Library to distribute and synchronize templates across clouds.
  • Datacenter Extension (Stretch Deploy) lets you extend your private data center to a public vCloud.
  • Offline Data Transfer enables you to transfer large amounts of data from your private data center to vCloud Hybrid Service.


vCloud Connector Components

Getting Started

The vCloud address required to connect to the Zettagrid environment is found on your Cloud Data Centre Service Detail Page. You will be required to use the full organisational URL. (i.e.<org_details>)

Final Steps

To enable the Zettagrid vCloud connector service you will also need to contact to request access.