Testing Failover Plans

Once a Failover Plan has been created you can now test the validity of the VM replica’s by initiating a Failover Plan test. In this process the cloud Failover Plan is tested to ensure the replicated VMs at Zettagrid successfully start and can be accessed from external network after failover. When you test a cloud failover plan, Veeam Backup & Replication does not switch from a production VM to it’s replica. Instead, it reverts every VM replica in the cloud failover plan to the latest restore point, boots the replica operation system, waits for the VM replica to reach a “stabilization point” using a Veeam Stabilization by IP algorithm and checks if the VM replica responds to ping requests.

For Cloud Connect Replication, there are no charges or limits applied to Testing a Failover Plan.

To test a cloud failover plan open the Backup & Replication view, under Replicas, choose the Failover Flans menu item and then right click on the Failover Plan and select Test


A window will appear which will show the progress of the test failover.


If the replicas are healthy and the networking configured correctly, all VM Status should be Successful.