Storage Tiers

ioSTOR our Zettagrid storage platform that provides tiered storage based on IOPS, enabling customers to match their storage spend with their performance needs and workloads.

When you purchase a service from Zettagrid in most cases you will be required to choose a ioSTOR tier. VPS can only have one storage tier per VM. VDC’s can have multiple disks with different ioSTOR tiers.

The use cases shown are a  guideline, and may not be applicable to all workloads.

If you are really not sure which storage tier best suits your machine please contact

Tier Performance Price (GB/mth) Use Case
ioSTOR 100 100 IOPS 9c Backup or archive data. Data not frequently used or updated, or where access can be less responsive
ioSTOR 250 250 IOPS 15c Basic Server. Web or similar where high performance is not required
ioSTOR 500 500 IOPS 26c Mid level server. Terminal server, basic mail or file server
ioSTOR 1000 1000 IOPS 43c High performance server. Database servers or where responsiveness is critical