Software Installation

Microsoft Software

Under our licensing arrangement with Microsoft, we are only able to allow customers with Software Assurance to import or export licensing for Microsoft products into Zettagrid. Read more about this on our Microsoft Software Licensing page. Unless you meet these criteria, you are are not permitted to install your Microsoft licensed products in Zettagrid and must rent the software from Zettagrid.

Other Software

You may install any software in the Zettagrid environment as long as you comply with the copyright owners licensing arrangements. It remains your responsibility to ensure compliance . If Zettagrid become aware that you are breaching a licensing agreement we will require you to remedy the license breach or risk your service being discontinued.

The Demarcation Point

Zettagrid maintains the infrastructure and virtual environment. The operating system and applications remain your responsibility. We have provided some helpful hints throughout our website but we do not provide services. We recommend you consult with a IT service specialist. Call us for advice or recommendations if you do not have a current service provider.  If you get into trouble you can always rebuild your server.