How do I do a DR test?

Testing your disaster recovery solution can be an important part of compliance.

When you are ready to do a test, please remember there is a one-off charge of $1,000 for the resources used during the test.

Step 1

Log onto the Zerto console whether it be your own vSphere (VMware), System Center Virtual Machine Manager (Microsoft) or our secure portal.

Please note that this test will incur a one off $1,000 charge and you may test for up to 24 hours. There are no other charges and please disregard any potential charges listed. You will not be accountable for anything other than the $1,000. If there is any doubt please contact your Account Rep and they will ensure that any other charges raised are removed prior to billing.

Step 2

Ensure that the ‘Test’ option is selected and hit the ‘Failover’ button at the bottom right of the console.

Zerto failover 2

Step 3

Select the VPGs you wish to test and select ‘Next.’


Step 4

Choose the checkpoint which you would like to power on and select ‘Next.’ There will be many checkpoints available which potentially go back two weeks. How many checkpoints are held is determined by the size of the journal and the rate of change of each VPG.

Step 5

Check that the right number of VMs and VPGs are selected and select ‘Start Failover Test.’

Zerto failover 5

Step 6

Move to the Zettagrid MyAccount page for the service and ensure that the VMs are powering on. This process can take a few minutes for the VMs to be created, registered and powered on in our console.

Step 7

Log onto the console of the VMs and check that they powered up correctly and that you can interact with any applications installed inside the OS.

Zerto failover 7

Step 8

When you are satisfied with the test you can then move back to the Zerto console whether it be your own vSphere (VMware), System Center Virtual Machine Manager (Microsoft) or our secure portal and hit the “Stop” button next to the relevant VPGs.

Step 9

Log back into the SecondSite™ service management screen and select the ‘Resize’ button to reduce the resources back down to the levels before you initiated the test. This will ensure that after the testing phase you are not charged for the resources from this point on.