Microsoft Software Licensing

Zettagrid uses the Microsoft Service Provider License Agreement (SPLA) to deliver Microsoft Applications to our Windows Customers on a monthly rental basis.

Operating System Licenses

  • For Virtual Servers, the cost of the OS license is included in your monthly charge.
  • For Virtual Data Centres your OS licences are optional and can be purchased at the time of VDC ordering or later on.

Monthly Software Licensing

You can consume Microsoft Licenses (SQL, Exchange, Office etc) software licenses on a monthly basis. To order visit our licence product catalog. Once you have purchased we will make the software available to you as ISO mount (i.e. DVD Drive) for you to begin the installation. In the case of capacity upgrades (i.e. Terminal Server CALs/SALs) we will inform you when these are activated.

License Mobility

Customers with Software Assurance may assign licenses to Zettagrid according to the License Mobility (LM) Software Assurance (SA) benefit. In general, all Microsoft volume license agreements have an SA option. Listed below are license agreement types with no SA option at time of writing. Your license reseller will be able to tell you definitively whether SA is an option for your agreement.

Licenses lacking SA option
Retail Boxed Product
SPLA (If you have your own agreement)
Technet or Action Pack

As a general rule, only Server Application licenses are eligible for LM. These include but are not limited to Exchange, SQL, Sharepoint and Remote Desktop Services. The authoritative source for LM applications can be found in the current Microsoft Product Terms.

Note that operating system licenses (e.g Server 2012), Windows desktop licenses (e.g Windows 8) or Windows desktop application licenses (e.g Office) do not have LM and must be obtained from Zettagrid. License Mobility is the best way to leverage your existing Microsoft investment into Zettagrid and provides for considerable savings over licensing exclusively through SPLA.

To utilise LM through SA you will need to:

  • Download and Complete the Microsoft Licence Mobility Application. (Please use “Zettagrid Pty Ltd” as the name of the Authorised Mobility Partner)
  • Notify a Zettagrid Account Manager of your intention to use License Mobility.

For further information please visit Microsoft License Mobility Website or talk a Zettagrid Account Manager.


If you have your own SPLA then you may procure certain licenses under that agreement rather than through Zettagrid. Any product licensed under SPLA on a per socket or per core basis must be sourced and licensed through Zettagrid. Examples of products that cannot be licensed under your own SPLA are Windows OS, SQL Enterprise, System Centre DataCenter. Please see your SPLA aggregator for more information.

Further Licensing Information

Please read our FAQ for more license related information.