VM License Mobility

If you need to import or export your VM there is some important information to consider. The ability to import and export VM’s to and from Zettagrid is based upon the operating system license agreement.

Linux VM’s

Linux VM’s can be imported and exported to and from Zettagrid. Please contact support@zettagrid.com for more information about this service.

Microsoft License Mobility

Customers with a Microsoft License Agreement and Software Assurance (License Mobility) may import or export VM’s into Zettagrid. Effectively, if you bring your license to Zettagrid then you can take it away as well. For further information on this please read our Microsoft Software Licensing page.

Microsoft SPLA VMs

Unless you have License Mobility (detailed above) then your Microsoft Server or Desktop is covered under the Microsoft Service Provider Licensing Agreement (SPLA). Under this agreement our customers are currently unable to transfer any licenses into or out of Zettagrid.

Unfortunately we are unable to provide a copy of your VM that is based upon Microsoft Software, even if the license has been deactivated. The recommend practice is to backup and copy all data prior to cancelling your service.