Importing & Seeding Data

Zettagrid supports the seeding/importing of data to expedite the VM and data import process. This activity is performed by a Zettagrid engineer.


Description Price
Per Import $220.00 Ex gst

Requesting a Data Import

  1. Raise a data import request by email to detailing:
    1. Storage device Type, Make and Model being used
    2. Amount of data being imported
    3. Type of data i.e. Regular files, Veeam backup images, OVF, OVA, VMDK etc
    4. Account and Subscription ID including the VM name if uploading files to a VM
  2. Zettagrid will confirm if the device is suitable and in compliance with our acceptable devices list. We will also supply a shipping address.
  3. Populate the portable storage device.
  4. Package the device. You must label both the packaging and the device itself using the zettagrid supplied address This will include the INC ticket number they received when raising the original support request with Zettagrid. If not complete the device may be rejected on delivery to the DC.
  5. Once the device has been received and connected we will update your incident providing confirmation that the device has been received, and an estimate of when and how long the import process may take.
  6. Once import is complete it we will notify you. You will be supplied with a address for pickup of our device. You must arrange for a courier pickup the device. You must notify Zettagrid of the pickup date when collection is required from data centre as a further reference is required for them to collect.

Acceptable Devices

The device depends upon the amount of data to be imported

  • < 3TB     –           2.5` USB Powered Only (No Mains power)
  • > 3TB     –           Any USB & Ethernet devices (NAS),  Mains powered acceptable, extended lead-in time is to be expected as we have to organize datacentre AC testing and power adapter converter leads. (Device suitability is subject to rack space)