Image Archive Configuration

Image Archive can be used for Cloud Servers and for Cloud Data Centres to take backup snapshots of servers with a retention policy of your choosing. To be able to use the Image Archive service you first need to purchase it from the Zettagrid Store.


From within My Account Click Services and choose the Backup Service you purchased.

The top panel will display how many servers you can backup and how much storage space you purchased.

Configure Backup Schedule

  • Select Services to Backup – will allow you specify what VM’s you want to include in this backup schedule. If you want to have a separate schedule (for a different set of VM’s) you will need to purchase a another Image Archive service.
  • Scheduling – you may elect to have the backup run manually or have an automatic backup. For an automatic backup you can select from Daily, Monthly or Periodically.
  • Number of Restore Points – you can specify the number of snapshots that are retained on Zettagrid. The more snapshots you choose, the more storage space you will consume.
  • Notification Email – a report will be sent to this address upon the completion of the job and will report any success or failures.

Backup Results

A small summary shows the results of the last backup.

Restore Points

The final panel displays the restore points available for this Image Archive service.

  • Restore – Click this button to overwrite the VM and restore to this snapshot. You will be prompted before the process begins to confirm that you want to proceed.
  • Delete – Is available when the snapshot can be deleted.