How do I update SecondSite™?

Here at Zettagrid we upgrade our environment every 6-12 months. We’ll keep you up to date if we release a new version.

Please stay within one major revision of the Zettagrid version to remain fully supported.


Zettagrid Version Client Version N-1 Client Version N+1
5.0 (Actual Zettagrid version) 4.5 Update X 5.5 (not out yet)
5.5 (In future) 5.0 Update X 6.0 (not out yet)


Updating your Zerto software will generally take 5-20 minutes.


Your Current Version Can Upgrade To
4.5, 4.5 Update X 5.0 Update X
5.0, 5.0 Update X Next Major Release


During the upgrade process your replication will be paused as the services are stopped. Replication will automatically resume when services are restarted.

It is possible that some SLA targets will be breached during the upgrade if you have chosen some aggressive target RPOs. If a potential RPO of 20 minutes is of concern then it may worthwhile to do the upgrade during periods where this is less of an issue, for example after hours.

Step 1

Download the latest SecondSite™ supported Zerto software HERE.

Step 2

Install the software and follow the prompts. If you do not have Microsoft .Net or it needs to be updated then this will update it and also reboot the server.


Zerto Upgrade 2

Zerto Upgrade 3

Zerto Upgrade 4

Zerto Upgrade 5

Zerto Upgrade 7

Zerto Upgrade 8

Step 3

Log onto the Zerto console and click on the ‘About’ tab.

Zerto Upgrade 10