Account Authorisation

Zettagrid recognises that your personal information is very important to you. We appreciate your trust in providing any such information to us and are committed to protecting it.  We also understand that in some instances you may wish to have another person authorised to represent you or your company.

In such instances we requests that you log into your My Account portal ( and click on the My Profile icon located within the left hand side menu options. To add an additional authorised email address, simply click on the plus (+) button, enter the email address in the provided field and click on Save.


Alternate Authorisation
Sometimes people within your organisation also change and you may no longer have access to the authorised email address. When this happens we ask that you complete, sign, scan and email us a copy of the Alternate Authorisation Request form along with a copy of your photo ID.

The Alternate Authorisation Request form can be downloaded from HERE.


This will ensure that your data remains safe and secure.