Complete the details here for your SecondSite Network Information and submit for our staff to complete the setup.

It is important that you run the WAN Sizing Tool to ensure you have enough bandwidth to operate the service successfully.

The image below helps explain where the different fields are used.

  • Account and Subscription Details (Pre-filled)

  • Customer VPN Termination

  • Enter the IP address of your VPN endpoint. This will usually be the external IP Address of your firewall. Only this IP address will be allowed to connect to the VPN.
  • Enter the subnet that your on premise SecondSite management server install will reside on. Typically an existing server subnet. Something similar to or etc.
  • Zerto Cloud Connector Network Details

    We need a new subnet onto which to deploy the SecondSite appliance. Enter a subnet that is NOT in use on your network and an IP in that range for us to use.
  • Enter the IP Address the appliance can use. Your network will communicate with this IP via the VPN. E.g. if you use 10.0.x.x ranges internally or 192.168.x.x. DO NOT CHOOSE A SUBNET ALREADY IN USE ON YOUR SITE.
  • Please enter the subnet for this range. e.g.
  • Please enter the default gateway that the ZCC will use. E.g. or