Zettagrid Acquires Cloud Provider Conexim

I’m excited to announce that we recently acquired the Sydney-based cloud provider Conexim.

Conexim have been providing hosting since 1993 and developed their own VMware and XEN cloud in 2009. They offer public, hybrid and private cloud services along with international CDN, Anycast DNS and various hosting services.

This strategic acquisition helps us continue this journey by increasing our scale, developing our product range and allows us to expand our Advanced Partner support team in Sydney.

Over the coming months we will be migrating Conexim customers into Zettagrid, integrating some of their products and retiring the Conexim brand.

Our official press release is available here (PDF).

If you have any questions or comments please contact your account manager or support@zettagrid.com.

For further information on Conexim please visit www.conexim.com.au.


Nicholas Power
Chief Operating Officer