MyAccount Portal: Release 33

The Zettagrid development team is pleased to announce the deployment of MyAccount Release 33. The following public features, improvements and bug fixes have been released:

New Features
SS-3013 – MyAccount – Channel Partner Discount Amount shown during ordering

SS-3026 – Paygate – Improved Error handling for Payments
SS-3003 – MyAccount – Display correct current username and password for VPS and firewalls
SS-3060 – MyAccount – Improved the name for Microsoft SQL Svr licences
SS-3045 – MyAccount – Increase Max purchasable quantity of RAM for VDC

Bug Fixes
SS-3044 – MyAccount – Display Unit for amount of Disk Space used under Image Archive
SS-3031 – Provisioning – Firewall re-provision will now respect updated username/password
SS-2023 – MyAccount – Deleting of default 0 values on licence purchase page no longer results in a N/A price