MyAccount Portal: Release 32

The Zettagrid development team is pleased to announce the deployment of MyAccount Release 32. The following public features, improvements and bug fixes have been released:


  • SS-3008 – A hyperlink to volume pricing details is now shown on product catalog pages
  • SS-3002 – ImageArchive jobs will display when no backups jobs have previously run
  • SS-2961 – An ImageArchive restore job for a VM is now prevented from starting if another restore job for that VM is already running
  • SS-2998 – ImageArchive error messaging has been improved

Bug Fixes

  • SS-2129 – Fix to allow small windows (Mobile) to view add to cart button
  • SS-2970 – Prevent multiple clicks on the cart checkout button
  • SS-2973 – Prevent multiple clicks on the select payment button