ioSTOR – Next generation cloud storage

Zettagrid Pty Ltd, a leading Australian provider of infrastructure as a service (IAAS) today released ioSTOR, a cost-effective, simple and flexible storage solution for the Zettagrid cloud. Based around matching storage performance to the needs of the customer application, ioSTOR achieves maximum flexibility through the simple concept of IOPS – a commonly accepted measure of real world storage performance.

“It’s clear our customers wanted a new approach to storage, and we’ve built ioSTOR to be adaptable” said Nicki Pereira, CTO of Zettagrid. “ioSTOR delivers unprecedented flexibility – different tiers can be applied against individual servers within a single customer cloud, something we’re immensely proud to be able to deliver to our customers”

Flexibility and scalability are King in the Cloud – with today’s customers demanding pay as you go consumption, ioSTOR takes this model a step further by introducing performance on the go. Whilst dynamic cloud resource scaling has traditionally been restricted to processor and memory, ioSTOR tiers can be changed live per server in response to evolving customer requirements.

With tiers ranging from 100 IOPS to well over 1000 IOPS and starting from a low 9c per gigabyte ioSTOR delivers the right performance at the right time at the right price.