Start Testing Windows 2012 RC in Zettagrid

Windows 2012 has now been officially released.

Zettagrid has been working closely with Microsoft providing feedback around Windows Server 2012 and we believe it has significant features for Enterprises and for IT Professionals and Developers. Try our new Cloud Server running Windows Server 2012 in Zettagrid and experience the new capabilities first-hand.

  • Increased Scalability & Performance – With increased scalability (up to 32 processors and 1 TB of memory) you’ll be able to virtualise more applications and workloads
  • Get Ahead of the Game – Test your applications on Windows Server 2012 today
  • Security – Windows Server 2012 server core continues Microsoft’s commitment to increased security. Test server core with your existing workloads and applications in order to improve security.
  • High Availability – Our virtual servers are setup in high availability clusters to ensure maximum up-time.
  • Replica – Windows Server 2012 has built in replica. You can replicate your Windows Server 2012 Hyper-V workloads. More Information.
  • Focus on Your Business Success – With increased up-time, spend more time on your business and less on IT.