The Zettagrid Super Computer

To demonstrate the effective use of cloud computing power in a multi-tenanted environment Zettagrid joined TheSkyNet Project a few weeks ago.

What is theSkyNet?

TheSkyNet project, sponsored by the WA Department of Commerce and developed by the International Centre for Radio Astronomy (ICRAR), in conjunction with UK-based computing company, eMedia Track, will allow members of the public to contribute their spare computing power to the processing of radio astronomy data.

How Zettagrid does it:

The raw compute capacity was made available by using compute, storage and network capacity when resources became available. By using VMware vCloud when a customer requests any resource, Zettagrid automatically assigns the amount to the customer. When resources are no longer required theSkyNet benefits.

How are we doing?

After only a few weeks Zettagrid is in the top five contributors to theSkyNet.