Zettagrid Image Archive powered by Veeam

Zettagrid now offers an agent-less, image-based (snapshot) backup service called Zettagrid Image Archive for your cloud virtual machines including our data centre offering. This service allows you to backup your Zettagrid Virtual Machines (VMs) to an offsite location and should something go wrong, restore the VM back to a point of your choosing.

You are able to order this service from the website. You can choose which VMs to protect, the backup window and how many backups to maintain. Should you ever need to restore the VM, that functionality is made available through your “MyAccount” portal.

We have partnered with award winning Veeam to provide this service on an enterprise-grade, proven and reliable platform.

We are rolling this progressively across our availability zones, West Coast is now available, East Coast will be available over the next 2 weeks.