Is Zettagrid Australia's Fastest Cloud?

Zettagrid has recently been benchmarked by Cloud Harmony who provide independent, un-biased, and objective performance metrics for cloud services. Cloud Harmony has benchmarked over 100 IaaS providers around the world including global providers such as Amazon and Rackspace.The Zettagrid results have come back very favourably and we are delighted to share some results for our enterprise storage.

Zettagrid is Australia’s first VMware vCloud Powered Partner and runs on enterprise class infrastructure provided by EMC, Juniper, IBM and Dell ensuring that our breakthrough speed comes with unsurpassed reliability.

Is Zettagrid Australia’s fastest cloud provider? Have a look though the results and make your own assessment. Shown below is relative disk performance for 16Gb virtual servers. To view other comparisons see the Cloud Harmony website.