vCloud Powered BETA Program

Zettagrid invites organisations with an existing implementation of VMware vCentre or vCloud to participate in our beta program to evaluate the newly released VMware vCloud Connector. Program members will receive:

  • Free resources in Zettagrid (150GB disk, 4Ghz processing, 6 Gb memory, unlimited data) for the duration of the Beta Period (22-Jun-2011 to 15-Aug-2011)
  • Direct technical support from Zettagrid and VMware
  • Zettagrid stress balls!

To apply please contact support with your name, organisation and contact phone number.

The commercial release of this service from Zettagrid is scheduled for September 1st 2011.

vCloud Connector enables organisations to extend their vCenter resources using Zettagrid resources. For more information on vCloud Connector please see the FAQ page at VMware.